The Stockholm knot

I use this knot to attach my kite to my flyinglines. I'm sure this knot has another name also, but my friend Mårten gave it the name "Stockholm knot" because he was in Sweden when he discovered it.

preparing the loop
On the end of my flyinglines I have a loop like this with a smaller loop att the end. I leave you with the choice of which knots to use to make your loop.

lark's head
On the bigger loop I then make a lark's head.

bridle attachment
I make a knot on the end of by bridle line and thread it through the lark's head.

tightening the knot
Then I pull both ends of the bridle line and on the flyingline to tighten the knot.

opening the knot
To open the knot I pull both ends of the bridle line and the small loop on the lark's head.