My boat, the "Albatross II" is an H-boat which is a type of boat very common in the Finnish waters. It is 27'(8.25m) long, weighs 1450kg and has a sail area of 24,22m2. More information such as dimensions can be found here.

A picture from the boat

The summer 2004 I spent four weeks sailing in the Gulf of Finland. For part of the way I had company but most of the time I was sailing by myself. Sailing alone, I found was not particularly demanding except perhaps when mooring. Without other people around things can be hard yes, but there is also less stress. You don't need to get someone else's agreement on anything and you can always change your mind without upsetting anyone. This is freedom. Here are some pictures taken this summer.

Here are some pictures taken on a calm day when we were taking the boat from Helsinki to Kabböle with some of my friends. That gallery is quite old but it has some very nice pictures of the famous Finnish archipelago.