Build a paper kite NOW!
The "Stockholm knot"

For some time I've mostly flown Indian (like in India) style fighter kites. I like to go out when there is very little wind. Small fighterkites are very sensitive and you will feel every bump and twirl in the air. Its much more challenging than dual line kites.

The NPW5 is a really cool kite. It has no spars so it's easy to transport, it has a wide wind range and it can't kill any bystanders. Here is a link to the plans. This kite pulls really hard so beware.

I've also made myself a raaseri stunt kite. Here's a link to Simo's plans. The plans are not complete so you need some experience and ability to improvise. On my raaseri I have made the keel shorter to save some icarex. I also have no sleeve on the back for the keel spar (too much work). The leading edge dacron was made from one piece, again saving much work.

Another nice kite is the TrickTac by Ronald Krueger. It is advertised as an UL indoor kite, but I like to fly it in high winds with a handle. It's really fast and could be recommended for people learning to fly line-control planes. Many model airplane folks have tryed my tricktac and they never crash it.